Wingsurf / wingfoil

A Easy fun course

After a brief theoretical introduction on the beach, you will immediately move on to practice.
With a WING and a dagger board you will start sailing safely left and right.
You will then learn to go upwind and to sail downwind.

As soon as you become familiar with the wing you will start using the board with the foil

Our goal is to keep you entertained and always learn safety.
Our instructors will take care of you throughout the course, from the moment you choose your wetsuit to your first rides.

Always fun, professional and safe

Best price guaranteed in northern Sardinia
All lessons include equipment.

Wingsurf Course (board without hydrofoil)

1 hour private lesson only € 60 € 70

1 hour private lesson + extra 1 hour rental

€ 80 € 100

1 hour group 2 persons 2 wings only € 50 p.p.

Wingfoil Course

(After wingsurf course)

€ 70 1 hour private

1 hour private lesson wingfoil + 1 hour rent 100€ suggested

Wingsurf rental

1 hour rental 30 €

2 hours rental 50 €