(Still best price in north Sardinia)

Basic kite course:

The basic course has a total of 6 hours, divided into 3 lessons/days of 2 hours each. So that the student will not have to take extended lessons in order to maximize his learning curve.

Lesson n1: know the spot, wind directions and its flight window, know and arm your equipment, safety systems, first flight on the beach.
Lesson n2: practice with safety systems in the water, self-relaunch of the kite from the water, body-drag (retrieving the board).
Lesson n3: practice board-on, first starting and gliding movements on the board, extra: self-rescue and pack-down (self-rescue procedures).

Private basic course:
2 hours €65 per hour (Total only 130€)

Semi – private course:
€40 per hour per single student, 2 people. (Total only 80€ per person session 2 hours)
Basic course for children:
€65 per hour, from 7 to 14 years

Intermediate kite course:
The intermediate kite course is aimed at all kiters who, after a basic course, want to create their independence in the water. Automating the start from the water, improving posture on the board, upwind, changes of direction and toe-side gait are part of this course.

Private intermediate course:
2 hours €65 per hour (Total only 130€)
Intermediate course for children:
€65 per hour

Advanced kite course:
The advanced kite course is ideal for all kiters who have developed excellent independence in the water, and who want to delve into learning kitesurfing maneuvers.
The first jumps, rotations together with freestyle (maneuvers not attached to the trapeze) are some of the many that can be carried out in this course.

Private advanced course:
€70 per hour
Advanced group course:
€50 per hour per person, maximum 2 people
Advanced child course:
€65 per hour

Kite/foil course:
This course is aimed at kiters with an excellent level in the practice of kitesurfing with a twin tip board, and who want to spice up their days of moderate wind with the use of the hydrofoil board.
Learning the parts, functionality and its fluid-dynamic approach together with the correct body posture will be the salient topics of this course.

Kite/foil course: 2 hours €65 per hour (Total only 130€)
1 hour €70

Wing surf/foil course:

The wing surf/foil course is dedicated to those who want to enter this new sporting world and improve their technique.

Knowing the equipment and how to arm it, the wind with its flight window, together with the first movements on the beach, the first glides on a S.U.P. board. and the changes of direction will be the structure of the course.

Subsequently, hydrofoil will be the new step to follow. Attempt after attempt we will step by step improve our balance on the board until we raise it which will allow us to fly on the water with little wind and enjoy an indescribable sensation.

Thanks to the experience of our instructors and the constant thermal wind of the Punta Salina bay in Olbia, you will have the opportunity to learn wing surfing/foiling in absolute safety and using materials specifically designed to ensure ease of learning.

Private wing surf course:
1 hour €70

+ 30 minutes free rental 

Group wing surfing course:
€50 per hour per person, maximum 2 people

Private wing foil course:
1 hour €70

Basic windsurfing course:
The Sardinia Kite School in Olbia also offers a windsurfing course for beginners.
Starting from the assembly of the equipment up to the tack/gybe.

Private windsurfing course:
1 hour €70

+ 30 minutes free rental




40€ 1 hour

60€ 2 hours

70€ 3 hours (extra 10€ per hour)

1 week 60€ per day





Harness or wetsuit or impact


Wingsurf/ Windsurf

1 hour 30€

2 hours 40€


1 hour 40€

2 hours 60€

Level requested for rental “go upwind and do transition”

*per day