Learn to Kitesurfing

Complete Kitesurfing Course 

With the Complete Kitesurfing Course Sardinia Kite School you will learn all you need for kitesurfing in safety:

First Flight

  • Knowledge of equipment
  • Starting / landing
  • Kitecontrol

Water Lessons

  • Bodydrag
  • Water start
  • Riding.

TIME; We all have a different learning-time, which depends on various factors such as: the age and the sports ECC..

The Kitesurfing Course is scheduled as follows:

  • theory (rules and security systems, winds, meteorology, kite flight theory)
  • setting and unsetting the kite
  • taking off (or launching) and land the kite
  • controlling the kite during the flight in the different areas of the flight window
  • managing the kite during the flight
  • adjusting the kite during the flight
  • body-dragging
  • re-launching the kite from the water
  • making the kite fly with one hand walking upwind
  •  hours
  • making practice on flight and control of the kite
  • making the kite fly with one hand walking upwind with the board on hand
  • body-dragging with the table
  • inserting your feet in the foot-straps while keeping the kite with one hand
  • starting with a bi-directional board feet
    • first starts with the board (water-start)
    • hang gliding on the sea
    • maintaining the correct position with the body during navigation
    • recalling the board upwind.