Beginner Kitesurfing Course


• Kite flying theory and safety system
• Kite trainer practice with a small kite
• Re-launch

• Body drag
• Water start with board
• First water navigation with the board

extra Self Rescue

It is important for proper learning and your safety. Teaching in big groups of 3-6 people, like many other schools do it, does not lead to any good learning results.

We don’t suggest the group lessons

lesson 1 to 1 (1 instructor 1 student)

The conditions of the spot such as the waveless sea (Flat. Choppy)

TIME; We all have a different learning-time, which depends on various factors such as: the age and the sports ECC…


  • theory (rules and security systems, winds, meteorology, kite flight theory)
  • setting and unsetting the kite
  • taking off (or launching) and land the kite
  • controlling the kite during the flight in the different areas of the flight window
  • managing the kite during the flight
  • adjusting the kite during the flight
  • body-dragging
  • re-launching the kite from the water
  • making the kite fly with one hand walking upwind
  • ore
  • making practice on flight and control of the kite
  • making the kite fly with one hand walking upwind with the board on hand
  • body-dragging with the table
  • starting with a bi-directional board feet
    • first starts with the board (water-start)
    • hang gliding on the sea
    • maintaining the correct position with the body during navigation
    • recalling the board upwind
Best price guaranteed in northern Sardinia
Kitesurf Time Price private Price


(2 persons)

First flight 1 day course discovery

Theory, equipment, assembly, practical flight with trainer and inflatable kite, practice of safety systems, take-off and landing practice and control of the first flight

2 hours 1 days 120-. € 80
Basic course for 2 persons with First Flight group + 4 hours PRIVATE
1 day First Flight (first 2 hours group 2 people)

Second day Body Drag downwind and upwind (private lesson)

Third day Waterstart with board (private lesson)

6 hours 3 days 320-.
Basic course PRIVATE LESSONS Recommended

1 day First Flight
Second day Body Drag downwind and upwind

Third day with board Private lessons

6 hours 3 days 360-.
Group course 2 persons 8 hours (price per persons) 8 hours 3 days 300-.
1 hour 70-.
2 hours
Usually 2-hour sessions are always done
1 hour It Is really short time It Is Better for Advance only or hydrofoil session of 2 hours 120€

Full price to the price page for rental ecc..