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Porto pollo kite spot

Porto Pollo kite surf

Spot Porto Pollo Isola dei Gabbiani

It is located” porto pollo “in the north of Sardinia, next to the island of La Maddalena. Typical Sardinian restaurants and bars on the beach waiting for you. Palau, the nearest country urbanized, is located 4 km.

The beach Porto pollo is very popular. It has a large car park and is suitable for campervans. For its shallow waters are ideal for children to play. Is that handicapped accessible. You can rent umbrellas and boats. In the area there are many facilities including bars, restaurants, hotels and campgrounds.

Porto Pollo, in the town of Palau, is a place known throughout Europe by lovers of water sports that have to do, in one way or another, with the wind; pristine, golden beaches, blue water and the constant presence of the wind, are the main features of this special spot.

The sandy beaches, rocky coves sheltered and transparent waters, are the peculiarities of this stretch of the northern coast of Sardinia where the wind reigns unchallenged on the maquis. The resort is located on the isthmus of land that connects Sardinia to the small and beautiful Isuledda”, and his potion made beach of Porto Pollo a real natural gym for all water sports enthusiasts.
The KITE courses take place with full atrezzatura (kite, wetsuit, harness, vest, helmet) GREAT 😉

Porto Pollo RIDE HARD!